Speaking is one of my favourite things to do. I concentrate years of techniques, strategies, and useful software tips into a short talk any company, startup, or brand can get immediate value from. Attendants typically leave with pages of notes and ideas they can execute on immediately. My main talk "Growth hacking live: How to boost your startup in real-time" was voted best workshop of SXSW V2V 2015.

So far this year I've given 45 talks in North America, and 10 talks in Europe.

Everywhere I talk, I receive nice tweets like the ones below:

I give four main talks:

  • Growth hacking live: How to boost your startup in real-time
  • Growth hack your content marketing strategy
  • How to get rich and internet famous (Hack your sales and personal brand strategy)
  • How to launch a product/successful crowdfunding campaign with or without PR

I do public and private talks.

Email me if you'd like to book me. Include how many people are likely to attend, whether it's public or private, and your budget. Thanks!

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